What A Beautiful Year 2018 Has Been!

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On 28 September 2018, Ke'en is finally born after months of waiting! My heart melts everytime I see her. She is truly a gift from God. Always reminding me of what a blessed family I have. Thank you my dear jagiya. I love you soooo much. Sorry Ke'en... papa will always love mama more. You'll understand in the future when you've found the love of your life.

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Ah b you're doing great! I love it when you're carrying corn, playing with her, singing songs to her, showering her with love. You are a great mama. Don't stress because oppa and Daddy God will always be by your side.

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Sorry... Oppa no prepare any present. No celebration for this anniversary. But always count on to be by your side. I'm still growing in love with you every single day. Sometimes, I just love stealing some glances at you. Because my heart still skips a beat when holding your hand... looking into your eyes... going out for dates... and seeing you sleeping peacefully. Thank you Daddy God for giving me the best lady, wife, bff, mama. Happy 4th anniversary!!!! Can't wait to go out with my blessed family of 3!

P.S. Sorry for the meltdown with your family. Oppa has gotten over it. I don't hate your family anymore. Love mama mia and how she selflessly takes care of corn and the family. Do give grace to my papa ok? He meant no harm with his words. He is just a straight talker full of love for us.