Waiting for the Apple to fall…

Jesper Blog

Dad: Son Do you have any idea how POWERFUL your mind is? Do you know a human mind is so powerful you can get what you want just by thinking about it?”

Son: I feel like eating apples now. Can I use my mind to satisfy my desire?

Dad: Of course you can! Just visualize it happening, and you can have your apple in no time!

So, the son went out to the garden, lie under the apple tree, opened his mouth and visualized apples dropping into his mouth.

One hour passed. Nothing happened.

Two hours passed. Nothing happened.

Three hours passed. Nothing happened.

The son started having doubts and did not want to go home disappointed.

He went to the market and found a stall selling fruits. He helped the stall owner for an afternoon and received a basket of apples in exchange.

The son went home excited as he got what he wanted.

He opened the door and found a large box of apples by the door. Earlier, his dad went to the market and bought his son apples.

Then, the dad spoke.

“Son. You cannot predict how the universe work, but you can control how you work. The Universe can give you what you want, but in a different way from your expectations.”

Destiny versus Action

If you repose all day and wait for the big fruit to fall into your mouth, you will feel that nothing is moving.

Everything seems to be staying in its place.

Like Newton’s Law of Motion, “Unless acted upon by a net external force, a body at rest remains at rest and a body in motion remains in motion.”

Move together with the universe and see the results flow.

I’ll leave you with 3 keys for today’s email.

1. Keep your mind flooded with positive visualizations
2. Do the work
3. Trust that the results will come