I Am Rich Wealth Affirmations

"Don't just pray... You need to receive too!" - Jesper Xu


Whether you realize it or not, every word you think or speak is an affirmation.

Affirmations are declarations, observations if you will, about you and the world around you.

The concept seems simple enough until you realize that what you affirm, positive or negative, is what you internalize and make a part of your reality.

Suddenly that statement you made last week to friends about how you will never be able to get ahead isn’t so innocuous, huh?

You can change the way money shows up in your life though, simply by using daily positive affirmations.

Eventually, these positive thoughts and words will replace the negative self-talk you’ve had for so long.

And when that happens, you’ll begin to enjoy wealth in a way you never thought possible.

Affirmations work because they replace the ideas and beliefs that money begins outside of you...

...and replace them with the truth that abundance starts within you.

You have to feel rich to become rich.

That’s especially true for the behavior you want to change, or in how you wish to feel about yourself.

Whatever you affirm, becomes your TRUTH regarding money.

What are some positive affirmations regarding a wealth mindset that you can use instead?

Try saying these:

Wealth Affirmations

1.) I practice good habits that will lead me to success.

2.) My intellect is sufficient to lead me to untold wealth.

3.) I have what I need to live the life that I want.

4.) I am a tribe-gatherer who brings together people and resources that will enable me to reach my goals.

5.) My actions are positive and designed to increase my wealth daily.

6.) I see opportunity where others do not.

7.) I deserve the wealth I desire.

8.) I am comfortable asking for help from mentors for what I need.

9.) I already have everything I need to become wealthy.

10.) I find connections and know how to leverage my resources.

By repeating these phrases every morning when you get up and again in the evening when you go to bed, you create a habit of thinking positively about money.

These affirmations become powerful in rewiring your feelings about wealth and money, and will then subconsciously begin to guide you in ways to make these words a reality.

Affirmations have a way of making what you say come true.

So be careful of your words. Guard your thoughts. Stay positive and make bold statements about yourself and what you’re out to accomplish.

Only then will you seize wealth and leave poverty behind.

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Audio Wealth Affirmations

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Now, I'd like you to take a moment and soak yourself in your money blessings.

Scroll up, read and receive the blessing again.

See your financial miracles happening right now.

Visualize your debt erased and your bank account overflowing with more money than you can imagine.

If you think that's all...

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- Jesper Xu

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