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Ever stared at the ceiling during bedtime wondering if you should be getting more from life...

Or wondered how do the people around you seem to have all the things that you want to achieve?

Or perhaps you felt like you’re hanging on for dear life unable to let go and pursue your dreams?

Whatever situation you're in now, you can be victorious over it.

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Your mind.

A Mind Boggling Voodoo Story

In an article published in New Scientist...

Vance Vanders, a resident in Alabama, met a witch doctor in a cemetery.

The witch doctor made him sniff from a bottle of unpleasant-smelling liquid and told him he was about to die soon.

Vance believed in the prediction and fell ill soon after...

His condition deteriorated, and in just weeks, he was near his deathbed.

His family brought him to the hospital, and the doctors did their checks on him.

To their surprise, they couldn't find anything wrong!

Vance was perfectly healthy!

However, his condition was not improving, and the doctors were perplexed.

Worried about how things are turning out, Vance's wife told the doctors his encounter with the witch doctor.

The doctor then did something that saved Vance's life.

The next day, he told the couple he found the witch doctor and discovered the "truth" behind Vance's illness.

When the witch doctor made Vance's sniff from the bottle, he inserted a lizard into his stomach. The lizard was eating him from the inside out. 

You might know it already...

The Doctor's story was completely fabricated!

In his "treatment" for Vance, he injected him with a vaccine and then snuck in a lizard when he was pretending to extract it out of him.

With the lizard in his hands, he told Vance:

“Look what has come out of you Vance,” he cried.

“The voodoo curse is lifted!”

The next day, Vance woke up energetic, ate his breakfast and recovered soon after.

If there was nothing wrong with Vance's body...

Then why did he nearly died?

Is it due to a wrong belief that shaped Vance's reality without him knowing?

Is his mind expecting a certain result, causing his behaviors, thoughts, and reactions to contribute to making that expectation a reality?

The "Bleeding" Experiment

To further examine the power of the human mind...

I'll bring you to a groundbreaking experiment recorded in the renowned book Hypnotism back in 1889...

Author Baron Nils Posse received authorization from Napolean III to experiment the relationship between the human mind and body.

He was handed a death row prisoner and told the prisoner that the death sentence was to be carried out via the "bleeding to death method."

The prisoner was strapped to a bed and then blindfolded.

A small cut was made to his neck, and he was left alone in the room, listening to the echoes of his blood dripping onto the floor.

The prisoner died within 6 minutes.


The dripping sound he heard wasn't blood.

It was just the sound of water dripping from a tap.

And the cut on the back of the prisoner's neck was just a small scratch. It did not even draw blood. 

So, how did the prisoner die?

The Nocebo Phenomenon

The voodoo story and the bleeding experiment you've read earlier are examples of the Nocebo Effect.

The Nocebo effect is a harmless thing that causes harm because you BELIEVE it's harmful.

Your negative thoughts enter your subconscious, and the brain works to bring that to reality. 

  • A person felt that he would die from a non-venomous snake bite because he believed all snake bites are fatal. Within minutes, his body entered shock, and he died on the way to the hospital.
  • In the Framingham Heart Study, women who believed they were prone to heart disease were four times as likely to die as women with similar risk factors who didn’t believe they were prone to heart disease.
  • In a research for a link between mobile phone usage and headaches, many volunteers reported headaches, even when (unbeknown to them), the phone they were using was actually an empty shell.
  • Someone told you about a painful dental procedure and how "it will really hurt.” The dental visit turned out exactly like what your friend has described - painful.

You see, the human mind is powerful beyond measure...

It is an incredibly complex, intricate, and powerful machine.

But, your brain doesn't differentiate a BAD thought and a GOOD thought.

When a seed of thought is planted in your mind...

Your brain will start to bring your desired state into being.

Like what Vance's mind is doing to him when he believes he is going to die...

Your thoughts, actions, and behavior will be lined together to produce the results of what you believe in.


Your thoughts ARE NOT just a mere observation of reality. 


In other words, you are constantly being affected by random thoughts in your mind... 

It could be jeopardizing your physical health, happiness, love, and money, and you don't even realize it...

Now, IMAGINE what if...

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