"Don't just pray... You need to receive too!" - Jesper Xu


"I prayed but nothing happened."

Let me share with you the truth about praying and receiving.

Praying and receiving go hand in hand.

Praying is sending your requests to God.

God responds with His blessings.

So, if your prayers are not manifesting the results you want...

It's time to receive your money blessings.

Now, open your mind and heart to His financial blessings for you.

Your Money Blessings

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me more than enough.

Now, I stop trusting in my ability to meet my needs.

I let go of my struggles and trust you for my abundant provision of health, wealth, happiness, and success.

I receive your abundant provision for me.

The floodgates of heaven are now open.

Your abundant blessing of prosperity now flows in me.

Your overflowing power destroys all my money barriers, prospering everything and everyone through me.

My money is now blessed.

Every dollar I spent is multiplied seven fold.

Every cent I spent is a blessing to others.

I will lack no good thing.

I receive your outpouring of creative ideas to build wealth.

Opportunities seek me.

I receive my activation of Good.

I am full and rich.

God, you give me an abundance of money to bless others.

I receive your blessing to prosper in every way.

Thank you, God.


Now, I'd like you to take a moment and soak yourself in your money blessings.

Scroll up, read and receive the blessing again.

See your financial miracles happening right now.

Visualize your debt erased and your bank account overflowing with more money than you can imagine.

If you think that's all...

I'll like to introduce you to a good friend of mine who transformed my spiritual mindset about money.

Because he has such a special gift in showing people how they can manifest unlimited money, I call him -

"The Money Magician."

If you want to STOP worrying about money and start enjoying the "rich" life...

You need to read his story.

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- Jesper Xu

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