The Man Who Jumps From 25,000 Feet With No Parachute

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Luke Aikins becomes the first person in the world to complete a skydive without a parachute by leaping from a plane 25,000 feet into a giant net.

Luke is a pro at the sport of skydiving.

We’re talking about an American professional skydiver who has completed more than 18,000 jumps since he started skydiving at age 12. He has also coached Navy SEALs and is a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association.

BUT, when he was first approached with the idea of jumping out of the place without a parachute, he rejected it instantly.

The Story And We Can Learn A Ton From It

2014 – Luke’s friend Chris Talley approached Aikins about landing a skydive without a parachute. The plan was to have Luke land on a giant slide and glide him down to earth after landing. Luke laughed it off and turned him down.

Lesson 1: Open your mind to opportunities and ideas that sound crazy. That’s how humans fly in the air and travel in space. Sometimes we need to be crazy to achieve crazy results.

Then, for two weeks, he couldn’t sleep at night. He kept thinking, “If somebody said I HAD to do it, could I do it?”

Lesson 2: Replace all your “I’ll try” to “I had to do it.” Don’t give yourself a chance to fail. Tell yourself you had to succeed, not you can succeed.

Luke and his team set a goal and practiced for 2 years before the dive on 30th July 2016. He did test jumps with a parachute aiming for smaller landing targets.

Lesson 3: Practice, practice, practice. Hustle, take action and improve along the way. You’ll need a ton of practice before you can be an expert.

A lighting system similar to an airport light system was used to direct Luke towards the landing net. His helmet has cameras and GPS installed to send out alerting beeps when he was too far away from the net.

Lesson 4: Tech plays a huge role in everything. Use the Internet and social media to build your business.

The audience erupted after Luke finished his daredevil stunt. He then walked over and hugged his wife with their 4-year-old son and other family members.

Lesson 5: Celebrate your success to cultivate a success mindset. Train your mind to be motivated by your successes.

What a feat to push himself over the limits. I hope you enjoyed learning from Luke as much as I did.

With that, I’ll like to end with his quote:

“I’m here to show you that if we approach it the right way and we test it and we prove that it’s good to go, we can do things that we don’t think are possible.” – Luke Aikins