My Regrets

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The other day, I was waiting for the pedestrian crossing light to turn green. And, this guy walked past me and crossed the road when the light hasn’t turned in our favor.

I looked left and right and discovered there were no cars, and it’s safe to cross the road. So I have two choices then.

The first was to follow that guy and cross the road which would make me look stupid. I mean waiting there when it’s perfectly safe to cross the road…what was I thinking?

Or I could stick to my decision and wait for the lights to turn green.

I did not want to admit my first decision was wrong, so I hung on and waited for the lights to turn green.

The key message today are the words above highlighted in green.

Do you have a similar experience in life when a successful person SHOWS you the path of success and tells you to follow him/her, but you choose not to do it to hang on to your beliefs?

Newsflash: Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future

Maybe you are afraid to make a change because doing so means admitting your past choices weren’t perfect.

Or perhaps, you had bad experiences of following the wrong persons in the past and decided to play it safe.

You choose to retreat to your comfort zone and wait for the pedestrian light to turn green when many others have started walking ahead of you.

That was what happened to me years ago. Opportunities were knocking, and I chose the wrong ones. I wanted to earn as much money as I can, and I grew unhappy and frustrated with my work.

Those were bad decisions.

Yes, bad decisions suck.

But I did not regret them one bit. Because of these bad decisions, I learn about what I really want in life. I come to understand what I really love to do.

The truth is, there will always be fear in whatever decisions you make.

Even when you chose to stay safe, there will be a fear of, “What if I can make it, but I decide to play it safe. Will I regret the decision 5 years down the road?”

So next time when opportunities present themselves, be bold and say yes! The only way to know if you’ll enjoy doing it to be bold and say yes to “new” opportunities.

Only through EXPERIENCES will you be able to deduce if the opportunity fits you like a glove.

“How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.” – Paulo Coelho