The “List”… Do you have it?

Jesper Blog

The other day my wife was telling me to change the bedsheet. And then I told her I had more important things to do.

Like emailing you. Writing my new book. Editing inspirational videos. Sitting down and enjoying my morning coffee.

Hmmmmm. The list above seems familiar. Do you have a list like mine?

Everyone has a list.

– I’m too tired.
– I’ll do it tomorrow as it’s my off day from work.
– My body is aching, so I’ll skip my run.
– I’m in debt.
– I’m earning too little.
– I’ll wait for another opportunity.
– I can’t waste my degree.
– I not happy but I need to make money.
– I’m too young, and I don’t have experience.
– I’ve tried, and it didn’t work.
– I’ve never tried it.
– I’m too old.
– Nobody would read my book.

I call this the NO list, because 99% of the time, it contains a no.

How often do you visit your NO list before making decisions? Think about three important decisions you’ve made recently. Does it involve your NO list?

It’s hard to delete your NO list because that’s how human brains are wired.

The Counter Punch

However, it is possible to give your NO list a counter punch in the face. Each time your NO list surfaces, come up with a YES list.

– I’m old that’s why I need to do it now.
– I have little experience, but it can become a story of I proved the industry wrong.
– I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work out, but this time I’m going to try another way and choose the right mentor.
– The other job doesn’t pay right but at least I’m very passionate about it, and I can survive if I find a lower rent.

The only thing that’s stopping you from doing what you love is you.

The only thing that’s stopping you from doing what’s needed to be done is you.

“You are what you do when it counts.” – John Steakley