Prayer is your Secret Weapon for Supernatural Breakthroughs.


When you pray, expect good things to happen. 

Most people pray without believing in their prayers.

They pray thinking “It’ll be good if my prayer is answered…” 

If the outcome is not according to their prayers, they’ll justify it as God’s will, and then pray for something else.

Truth is, everything is possible for God.

And He is more than willing to shower you with blessings and miracles.

When you invite God to intervene in your situations, roll your sleeves up and get ready for good things to happen!

God doesn’t respond just because we pray hard.

He is more interested in our hearts when we pray.

John Bunyan’s words summaries it perfectly.

“In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart."

When your faith is strong, you’ll have a confident expectation that good is coming.

You will be ready for your prayers to be answered exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think. 

The Miracle Prayer

Place your hand on your heart and pray the following prayer for life-changing miracles. 

Dear God, the powerful Creator of this universe…

Thank you for your amazing power and works in my life. 

Thank you for all you've given me. I'm loved and supported.

I know you are listening.

I'm reaching out to you for help. 

I'm receiving your divine strength and resources to overcome this [CHALLENGE] in my life.

Your divine strength now flows in me... Guiding me in tune with your planned direction for me.

I trust that everything will be alright.

I deepen my relationship with you, the Divine.

There is no longer any obstacles stopping my prayer from reaching you. 

You've heard me.

You open up my mind to new possibilities and opportunities.

Unfavorable doors are shut, and new doors of opportunity are opening right now.

You have been, and still is working miracles in me. 

I'm willing to put forth ALL my enthusiasm, energy and effort together with you to manifest these miracles.

I shall no longer insist on having things my own way.

Without your help, I cannot.

Now, I let go of my struggles and trust you for my abundant provision of health, wealth, happiness, and success.

I pray through words as well as my actions.

I pray alone and with everyone who has prayed this miracle prayer. 

Together we create miracles.

I know you are creating a two-way communication.

Prayers require listening as well as taking action on your word.

Today, I know my prayers are heard. 

I pray with happiness and conviction.

And I know miracles are manifesting right now.

Thank you, God.


Now, I'd like you to take a moment and soak yourself in the miracle blessings.

Scroll up, read and receive the blessing again.

See your miracles happening right now.

Visualize your debt erased, illness cured, relationships restored!

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- Jesper

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