What Is Your Dream Life?

Jesper Blog

6 years ago, my dream was to be a millionaire.

I wanted to have money, money, and more money.

Today, becoming a millionaire is still one of my goals. But, money is no longer my destination.

I’m clear about my destination, and that is to inspire people to chase after greatness…

To live the life they really want.

Money is just a by-product of helping people realize their dreams, the greatness that’s residing in them.

That’s the revelation I got from Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition (a billion dollar company):

“I went from chasing money which is very uninteresting because money is a facilitator.

It’s like saying I’m chasing gas. No, you want to put gas in your car so you can go somewhere.

So start talking about where you are trying to go. The gas is something to get there.”

Mind Blown… What an inspiration Tom Bilyeu!

What is your Dream Life (minus the money)?

Now, I want you to put money aside.

Imagine you have an opportunity to earn enough money to have a decent life (100k a year).

How would you like to make this money?

Do you want to set up a wellness company? Or do you want to work for Apple and design great products?

Maybe you want to be like me, helping and inspiring people.

Think about how what do you really want to do.

This is the first step of discovering your Greatness and find out what is your life purpose, which I like to call it “your dream life.”

Next, write it down.

Yes, you need to write it down and stick it somewhere visible so that you’ll constantly take action and work on it.

Manifesting Your Dream Life

Now that you’re clear about your dream, it is important to know how you can manifest it.

Manifestation is a life skill that puts me where I am right now.

It is impossible for me to cover everything about manifestation in this email.

For now, I’m going to drop one of the most important principles of Manifestation.

Clear your limiting beliefs.

If you have any unconscious beliefs, they will cancel your state of manifestation.

If you visualize yourself working as an animation artist in Disney, but deep inside, you don’t believe you deserve to work in the best animation studio in the world…

You will not attract this opportunity.

In other words, you attract what you unconsciously believe, not what you consciously state.

When you remove your limiting beliefs, you will start seeing opportunities that will help you to manifest your desires.

Act on these opportunities and you will take significant steps towards your dream life.

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” – Stephen Richards